"It's Main season. That's winter, spring, summer/... Fuck it I'll fall back when weather we haven't seen coming/ and I'm the eye of the storm. That means I see nothing/ but destruction around me, look at me and you see comfort"- Apollomain

Soundcloud Album

Apollo Main is a Hip Hop artist from Long Island NY. Determined to put the Island back on the map like the legends before him ( EPMD, Rakim, etc) he raps over a wide variety of beat styles with unique concepts. Its with no doubt his flow can capture the attention of the listeners, but its his lyrical content and clever rhyme schemes that will make them play it again. The SoundCloud Album is a collection of work that spans ApolloMain's music career, from when he was Mainevent(MEV), to the present ApolloMain

The Out of Body Experience

The idea of an out-of-body experience is hard to grasp as reality, unless you’ve had one yourself. One of the goals for The Out of Body Experience is to encourage you to take the necessary steps to achieve higher consciousness. This tape is about the trials of putting you onto spirituality in a place and culture, where this kind of thing is overlooked. Self-realization is a big step in the human evolution and you free yourself of materialistic shackles. Don’t you know materialistic things are holding us back? This tape shows people how much better music is when you don’t boast about things that don’t matter, when songs just flow into each other, and when you’re third eye is open, you realize something that you couldn’t see before. The Out of Body Experience

Summer Soulstice

Nearly two and a half months after releasing his highly anticipated debut EP "The Out of Body Experience," Apollo Main releases his second mixtape "Summer Soulstice." True to its name, "Summer Soulstice" was released on June 21, the very first day of summer. On this particular day, the sun shines at its highest peak. A fact, which Apollo Main took into consideration when creating the album. "People don't realize that the energy from the sun rejuvenates your soul and your chakras, which is why you feel blissful on a sunny day. And music does the same." The word solstice with its Latin origins means two things. Sol mean suns and sistere (stice) means to stand still, which is exactly what many will feel when listening to "Summer Soulstice." Moments seem to stop as Apollo provides track after track of nothing but warm energy and feel-good vibes, something akin to bathing in the sun's spirit. The 11-track mixtape features performances by Duela, K. Sole and a special appearance by Debra, Apollo Main's mom. Now that "Summer Soulstice" is out, radiating and pulsating through the universe, Apollo Main is already working on his sophomore mixtape "Ancient Manifested Hip-Hop." But for now, he simply wants you to enjoy this tape. "In the summer a sunny day can make you feel great. As if you received good news. Music can also give you this effect. So I offer you some good music on the solstice to double up on the great vibes.

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